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Welcome to the official website of the
Hampshire Down Sheep Breeders’ Association (UK).

The Hampshire Down is a UK native, terminal sire breed. Hampshire sired lambs are easy-care with easy lambing. The lambs are quick to suckle and robust, with tight skins making them hardy from a very early age. They will finish quickly on grass with no concentrates. The carcass is well fleshed with one of the highest eye muscle scores of any breed. The Hampshire Ram is long lived and vigorous and is able to cover a good number of ewes each season.


The Modern Terminal Sire on YouTube

Watch our short video on YouTube to learn more about the Hampshire Down as The Modern Terminal Sire.
With testimonials from commercial producers in Northumbria and Devon, an evaluation by Sam Boon Signet's Breeding Services manager, and Philip Derryman's thoughts on producing Hamp rams.
Follow the link to view:

2014 Breeders Sale and National Show

Hampshire Downs establish 3,000gns record

Record ram lamb average £771, 72% clearance

Hampshire Downs achieved a new 3,000gns record price together with a £771 ram lamb average and 72% clearance at Stratford on Saturday 28 June at the association’s annual national show and sale.


EBLEX Flock Award 2014

St Paul flock wins Most Improved Flock Award for the Hampshire Down breed

The St Paul flock, owned by David and Denise Middleditch of Belchamp St Paul, Suffolk, has been recognised by EBLEX as the Most Improved Flock of Hampshire Down sheep in England for 2014.

The award is presented by the EBLEX Better Returns Programme (BRP) to the recorded flock that shows the greatest genetic gain for commercial characteristics over a 12-month period. There is a separate award for each of 10 UK breeds.



Sat 27th Sept:
HDSBA's NW Region
Sale of Ewes & Rams
H&H, Borderway Market

Fri 3rd Oct:
HDSBA's NE Region
Sale of Ewes & Rams
CCM Skipton


Tues 19th May
NSA Welsh Sheep
Kerry, Newtown, Powys

Wed 3rd June
NSA North Sheep


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Hampshire Down Flock Award



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