Wotton Flock Dispersal. 

Suitable as a starter flock

21 Ewes running with Ram - various ages including 10 shearlings

12 Ewe lambs

Ram: Wallop 15037 Hercules

Contact :

mobile: 07717536770


***NOW SOLD*** LINCOLNSHIRE- Four remaining quality performance recorded SHEARLING EWES: 03Y1600308/ 03Y1600329/ 03Y1600330/ 03Y1600352 for sale off farm all sired by Court General (73R-12-077) ARR/ARR Terminal Sire Index = 324 (95% accuracy) in top 1% of the breed. He was the Hampshire 2017 Ramcompare AI Sire.  Scanned in lamb to Whitehead Gladiator (64T1400365) ARR/ARR Terminal Sire Index = 287 (91% accuracy) in top 5% of the breed.  He has fantastic muscling and the best possible skin quality. Due circa Christmas period.

£400/head ex-farm ONO.  Ideal for starter flock to get off on the right foot or established flock wanting to bring in new genetics in utero.

Visit and send enquires to or call (07968) 396549

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