Buying a Recorded Ram

Ram Buying Tips

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a ram using performance records

  • Set breeding objectives that will optimise the profitability of your flock
  • Talk to the ram breeder about your requirements
  • Select rams with the right Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) to realise these objectives
  • Review their EBVs using the search engine at
  • Compare each ram’s EBVs against the Breed Benchmark to identify their strengths and weaknesses for the latest breed benchmark click
  • Remember EBVs can be compared between flocks, but not between breeds
  • Buy early to ensure the availability of a wide selection of recorded rams and allow time for adequate quarantine, this should be at least four weeks before bought in animals are mixed with the rest of the flock
  • It pays to invest. The difference between an average ram and one with high EBVs could be worth more than £500 during its lifetime.
  • Look after the health and nutritional requirements of your ram to ensure he has a long productive life

For further information, please read this useful AHDB leaflet:

Buying A Recorded Ram