Breed Benchmark

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Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Indexes for Terminal Sire breeds have been updated. Signet’s new monthly, mixed breed analysis increases the commercial focus of existing traits and introduces a series of new EBVs.

Key Changes

Rebasing EBVs and indexes have been rebased and are expressed relative to the average animal in 2010.

Weight adjusted traits – Please note that carcase traits are now weight adjusted. This means that EBVs are a better prediction of carcase composition at a fixed weight. Example: A ram with a muscle depth EBV of +2mm is estimated to produce lambs with loin depths 1mm deeper at a fixed weight than a ram with an EBV of 0.


 Top 50%Top 25%Top 10%
Litter Size Born EBV0.010.040.07
Maternal Ability EBV0.200.420.61
Eight Week Weight EBV0.931.562.12
Scan Weight EBV2.344.055.58
Muscle Depth EBV0.160.671.13
Fat Depth EBV-
Gigot EBV0.020.911.71
Terminal Index149188223
Maternal Index139171199
  • Litter Size Born (%) – EBV for female prolificacy.
  • Maternal Ability (kg) – EBV for maternal care, particularly milkiness.
  • Eight Week Weight (kg) – EBV for growth to eight weeks of age.
  • Scan Weight (kg) – EBV for growth to scanning.
  • Muscle Depth (mm) – EBV for muscling across the loin at a fixed weight.
  • Fat Depth (mm) – EBV for fatness across the loin at a fixed weight.
  • Gigot Muscularity (mm) – EBV for width of gigot at a fixed weight.
  • Terminal Index – Superior breeding potential for growth and carcase characteristics.
  • Maternal Index – Superior breeding potential to produce productive female replacements.