Please see below some guidance for HDSBA members. 

Register With BASCO

You will need to register with BASCO in order to complete your online transactions (Annual Census, Birth Notifications, Ewe Lamb Registrations). You will find this a useful site too for viewing all your flock records and those of fellow breeders, and to view all Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) of all sheep in the national flock. Visit the site to register as a user for the first time using the email address which is held by HDSBA together with a password of your choice. A complete User Guide for BASCO can be viewed or downloaded HERE

Annual Subscriptions
You will be sent your ‘Membership Renewal & Options Form’ in October.  Please pay your annual subscription by 1st January.

Note: Membership and Publicity subscriptions are obligatory for all flock members.

The 'Options' include advertising and listing opportunities in various Publications, Flock Book and Website.  You can also order your Flock Book and join the 100 Club.

Flock Update Form

In October you will also be sent a Flock Update Form to complete and return by 1st January. The Flock Update Form is the basis of all the information that we hold for both you and your flock and that information will be shown in the following year’s printed Flock Book and will be shown live on the Basco Sheep Search facility.  If this form is not returned in time your details will not appear in the Annual Flock Book.

Online Flock Census - must be updated annually by 31st December but can be kept up to date at any time throughout the year at

Birth Notification and Registration of Ewe Lambs should be completed online at 

Birth notification of all lambs born must be completed within 6 weeks of birth for performance recording members, and all others by the end of the third month after birth. 

All ewe lambs being kept or sold for future breeding must be registered by 12 months old, at the very latest, and before they leave the farm (sale or show). Note: lambs registered on or after 1st October incur a higher fee.

We recommend that you do not register your ewe lambs until they are at least three months old, so that you have a better idea of their quality.

Stock Ram Registrations

Register stock rams directly with the secretary when they are used for pedigree service for the first time. Chosen stock ram names should be short and ‘snappy’ single word of not more than eight letters please.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify the Secretary of any new purchases and pay the transfer fees. If you buy in new stock, send pedigrees and/or details of IDs to the Secretary for transfer, but please remember to include the correct transfer fee (stock bought at official HDSBA sales are at no charge). Junior members do not have to pay transfer fees.

When selling sheep for breeding, pass on female pedigree certificates to the new owner and let them have IDs of any rams (certificates if stock ram registered). 

 Whenever your contact details change, especially email, please let the Secretary know at once or you may miss out on vital information.

Tagging and Numbering and Certificates

All Birth Notified and Registered sheep will have an auto generated Flock Book Number which will comprise: the Breeders Flock Number, the Year of Birth, and 5 digits which match the official UK Tag Number.  For Example A161700252 - this would be a sheep born to Flock A16 from 1st December 2016 and with a UK individual number of 00252. 

All sheep must be double tagged in accordance with Government Rules.  You may also add your Hampshire Down Flock Number (eg A16) to one or both of the tags but this is not compulsory. 

Pedigree Certificates will be issued to all Registered Males and Females, but not to lambs which are Birth Notified only.

Showing Your Sheep
If showing your sheep, familiarise yourself with HDSBA’s Show Rules and the regulations of each show that you enter. Always dress neatly in the showring and wear a clean white show coat, be courteous to the judge, other exhibitors and the public. Remember, the judge’s decision is final, but after all the judging has finished, do feel free to ask his opinion.

HDSBA’s Official Sales
HDSBA holds a number of official sales in Great Britain and Ireland. You will receive entry forms for any of these sales that are in your region, but if you want to enter any of these sales and have not received an entry form, please contact the Secretary. A full list of sales is available on this website. Make sure that you send in your entry form in good time so that it is received before the closing date, as late entries will not be accepted. Only well grown sheep in good condition should be entered for sales, poor sheep will not sell!

The best policy for breeding pedigree sheep is to cull hard; only keep and sell the best stock (especially rams). Pay attention to the breed standard and only keep sheep that are free from physical weaknesses.

We are here to help you
If in doubt, ask! Contact the Secretary, one of our Council members, or your Area Club Secretary, they will be only too happy to help with your problems, either practical or procedural. Our website also carries a great deal of information and useful links.