Ever thought of being a HDSBA Council Member?

Well now’s your chance! We are looking for anyone interested in standing as a Council Member to fill out the form below and get it sent back by the 15th July.

Here’s a little insight into how it works

You do have to be a fully paid up Member of the Association. There are up to 24 places on council for members to represent the society. Council meetings are chaired by the President who is assisted by the Vice President and Treasurer.  Each council member serves a 3-year term after which time they can step down or stand for a further 3 year term. Each year 8 places become available on council. To stand for council or indeed as President, Vice President or Treasurer, a member must be nominated and seconded by other members of the society.  If 8 or less members stand for election to council, they are automatically elected. If there are less than 8 council members elected, council can co-opt society members onto council to fill empty places for up to a year.  If there are more than 8 members standing, a postal vote is held and the 8 members with the most votes are duly elected onto council at the AGM. In contrast, if there is more than one nomination for President, Vice President or Treasurer a vote is held during the AGM. Apart from our Secretaries, none of the council members receive any expenses or remuneration for the work they do on behalf of the society.

At present there are 6 committees that do much of the background work that is then brought forward for discussion and decision making at council meetings. These are: Publicity and Marketing,  Shows and Judges,  Sales,  Breed Development,  Education and Training,  Finances and General Purposes.

The council meets 4 or 5 times a year at present at Shrewsbury Auction Centre.

If you are interested in standing for Council then please fill out the form: HERE

This year in exceptional circumstances we will accept proposal and nominations by email as long as the form is filled out and signed by the nominee.

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