Hampshire Lambs – Fast growing and easily fleshed

Wayne Davies farms 500 acres near Welshpool. The farm hosts 120 suckler cows with calves either finished on farm or sold as forward stores. 80 acres of arable and around 500 ewes.

Traditionally a continental ram has been used on the 300 Suffolk x ewes that lamb in February and the Hampshire started as a bit of an experiment!

‘After seeing all the marketing about Hampshires being quick growing off grass I decided to try a couple and see for myself’ said Mr Davies.

Two aged rams were bought in the first year to run with the other rams and by the 10th June 100 more lambs had gone off the farm than in previous years at slightly heavier weights.  All lambs are sold deadweight and Mr Davies found that the lambs were quicker to come to weight and the tup lambs were easier fleshing, killing at 3Ls instead of struggling to get a 2 with a Charollais. ‘There was no difference in the confirmation grades either’ Mr Davies told us.

Mr Davies was so pleased with the first two Hampshires that he came to the Premier Sale and bought two more rams and now they are in the fourth year of being used.

‘Lambs just seem less hassle at lambing time too, they will withstand rough weather better than the continentals and if anything needs to be bought back in to the shed it rarely seems to be a Hampshire’ comments Mr Davies

So if you’re looking to make things ‘a lot less hassle’ then why not head to one of the sales and try a Hampshire ram for yourself.


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