Use the Green Tab below to download membership application forms for:

Full Flock Members. Junior Members (must be no more than 21 years old and no less than 8 years old on 1st January in the year of appliction) Flock Members in Ireland. Junior Members in Ireland (age as above). Affiliated Members. Please follow the link below for membership application forms



New Flocks

Entrance Fee                                                £15 (no charge for junior members)

Prefix Registration                                        £5

Annual Membership categories

Flock Member                                              £30

Junior Member (no less than 8 and no more than 21 years on 1st January of current year)                                                                             £20

Affiliated Member (non-voting member)    £10

Publicity Subscriptions

Not payable by junior members

Flocks with more than 12 ewes                  £40

Flocks with 12 or less ewes                        £15

Optional Extras

100 Club Annual Subscription                       £12

Annual Flock Book (soft cover edition)         £8

Annual Flock Book (hard cover edition)        £15

Flock Book Advertising                                   Various

Web Site Listing & Advertising                        Various    

Basic Performance Recording                       £30 + VAT invoiced in July

Full Performance Recording                          £95 + VAT (£190 N.Ireland) invoiced in July

On Farm Scanning Fees                                 Invoiced separately by Signet

CT Scanning Fees                                           Invoiced by HDSBA    

All Fees include VAT where applicable or otherwise indicated

Renewals Notice sent out October, payment due by 1st January (unless otherwise stated).