Useful Information

Please see below some guidance for HDSBA members, for full list of the Bye-Laws please click HERE

If you wish to see a copy of the full Articles of the Association please contact the Secretary.

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All members must pay an annual membership and publicity subscription due on 1st January
Complete an annual online Flock Return (Survey) by 31st December each year.
The minimum number of sheep eligible to form and be registered as a Hampshire Down flock is two females.
Whenever your contact details change, especially email, please let the Secretary know at once or you may miss out on vital information.

Tagging, Numbering and Certificates

All Birth Notified and Registered sheep will have an auto generated Flock Book Number which will comprise: the Breeders Flock Number, the Year of Birth, and 5 digits which match the official UK Tag Number.  The individual 5 digit number from such tag must be the number used to BIRTH NOTIFY (and register) lambs with HDSBA, so that the registration details on the pedigree certificate match the ear tag ID number. For Example A161700252 – this would be a sheep born to Flock A16 from 1st December 2016 and with a UK individual number of 00252.

All sheep must be double tagged in accordance with Government Rules.  You may also add your Hampshire Down Flock Number (eg A16) to one or both of the tags but this is not compulsory.

When an animal is re-tagged because of ear tag loss, the animal will retain its original Hampshire Down registration number, but the secretary must be notified of the new tag number which will be added to the animal’s records

Pedigree Certificates will be issued to all Registered Males and Females, but not to lambs which are Birth Notified only.

Birth Notification & Registration

The earliest lambing date is 1st December in each season.  To try and ensure lambs are not born prior to this date the society recommends that rams are not introduced to the ewes until 10th July and if AI is used it isn’t used before 14th July and for ET, not before 20th July.

Transfer of Ownership

All female animals should be registered by the breeder before sale. Male animals may be sold either birth notified or fully registered. When registered animals are purchased, the purchaser should fill in the back of the pedigree certificate with their Hampshire Down flock number and prefix and send it to the secretary.

Showing Your Sheep

If showing your sheep, familiarise yourself with HDSBA’s Show Rules which can be found in the flock book and the regulations of each show that you enter. Always dress neatly in the show ring and wear a clean white show coat, be courteous to the judge, other exhibitors and the public. Remember, the judge’s decision is final, but after all the judging has finished, do feel free to ask their opinion.

HDSBA’s Official Sales

HDSBA holds a number of official sales in Great Britain and Ireland. You will receive entry forms for any of these sales that are in your region via email and they are published on the website under ‘Sales Catalogues and Entry Forms’. A full list of sales is available on this website. Make sure that you send in your entry form in good time so that it is received before the closing date, as late entries will not be accepted. Only well grown sheep in good condition should be entered for sales, poor sheep will not sell! Full sales rules can be found in the Flock Book.


The best policy for breeding pedigree sheep is to cull hard; only keep and sell the best stock (especially rams). Pay attention to the breed standard and only keep sheep that are free from physical weaknesses.

We are here to help you, if in doubt, ask! Contact the Secretary, one of our Council members, or your Area Club Secretary, they will be only too happy to help with your problems, either practical or procedural. Our website also carries a great deal of information and useful links.