Premier Sale Catalogue

It's that time of year again for the Premier Sale, a chance to get your new stock ram before the breeding season or maybe a new female or two, or if you want to try a Hampshire ram to get your commercial lambs away quicker then we have plenty to...

Hampshire Down flock producing big results from fast finishing lambs off forage.

It was in 2008 that the Stourfield flock began from a starter flock of 12 Hampshire Down ewe lambs and seven in-lamb shearlings. The sheep were kept on various plots of rented grazing. The flock has grown rapidly to a flock of 135 award-winning pedigree rams and females.

Hampshire Downs deliver rapid growth, early finishing and exceptional meat quality

Hampshire Down breeders Graham and Judith Galbraith and a butcher who teamed up since 2020 to meet the demand for high quality local lamb are joining forces again this year. Read Article

Hampshire Down Tups – A Winning Choice

Bill and Ruth McColl run a 240-acre organic unit at Nether Cambushinnie, Dunblane. Both are fully qualified vets based in Alloa and run 230 Lleyn cross Texel and Cheviot cross Texel ewes. Read Article

RamCompare Results: Hampshire Down Ram top for days to slaughter

For years the Hampshire Down breed has prided itself on its ability to sire lambs that grow fast and finish quickly. This assertion has been thoroughly put to the test within RamCompare over the last four years, where a total of 25 Hampshire Down rams have been progeny tested on...

Hampshire Down Ram – An investment in the future

At a time of immense change in the UK sheep industry, both in terms of support payments and the industry’s role in the wider UK economy, ram selection for a commercial enterprise has an increasingly important role to play. The selection of a terminal sire has to guarantee to increase...

Changing to Hampshire Down is way forward to improve performance and profit

James Warwick was “talked into” buying his first Hampshire Down lamb in 2018 and the breed now features prominently in his sheep breeding policy at Broompark Farm in Cornwall. Read Article

Hampshire Down – The Breed of the Future

The Hampshire Down “thrives on rough pasture without supplementary feeding and produces high quality meat, making it an ideal choice for farms of the future,” according to Richard Horsman. The breed has played a key role in the rapid expansion of his Surrey holding, which has increased from 80 acres...

2024 Training Weekend

We have exciting news that we are yet again holding a Training Weekend filled with lots of educational tips and it's always a very sociable event. The weekend will be held in Whitby, Yorkshire by kind permission of Louis Stainthorpe WHITBY Flock on the 27th & 28th April. Saturday morning will be...

Fast finishing Hampshire Downs now finish faster

By Bridget Lloyd, RamCompare Project Manager New AHDB research shows clear advances in the Hampshire Down breed, with selection for growth leading to both an increase in carcase weight and a reduction in days to slaughter. In performance recorded flocks we use estimated breeding values (EBVs) to demonstrate a ram’s genetic...