Performance Recording – Birth Notification just got easier!


Hopefully you are aware that the signet database is now at where birth notification is easier and quicker than on the old BASCO site.

Janet has recently sent an email to all recording breeders explaining the new system but here is a reminder.

To birth notify your lambs you will have to log into your account by heading to “Member Access” on the home page. You will be asked to enter a password. When using the site for the first time you will need to press “forgotten password” to set up a new one.

Once into the member’s area head to the members area tab, click on the instructions for sheep clients in the drop down box then click on submitting lambing data for step by step instructions.  You will also find full details in Janet’s instructions emailed to all recording members on 27th December.

When you have finished your entries, you then need to create a spreadsheet to email to Janet for entry onto Grassroots, the society’s database. Go to the Reports tab, highlight Flock Report  then click on Grassroots Birth notification.

Enter 30-11-19 ( or the day before the earliest birthdate for the batch you are entering) in the born after box and the birthdate of the youngest lamb you have entered in the born before box. Leave sex and status as <live>.  Click run report.  Your lambs will then be listed on a page like this. Click EXCEL , save the resulting spreadsheet and email it to Janet (

Remember to keep a copy if you are notifying your lambs in batches so you know which ones you have done and which you haven’t and so you don’t send Janet duplicate information.


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