Quality all the way at the Premier Sale

A great entry, a great atmosphere and great quality of sheep made for a great day at the HDSBA Premier Sale with averages up on last year and 13 lots making over 1000gns. Sheep went all over the country with a good number of buyers from Ireland present as well as lots of buyers bidding via Marteye.

2600gns was the top price of the day and realised by Graham & Judith Galbraith of the Graylen Flock at Kendal. This ram lamb won the Recorded Ram Lamb class in the show and is one of the fastest growing lambs produced at Graylen. Sired by the new stock ram Normanby Outlaw, the lamb is in the top 10% for growth and top 5% for CT Gigot muscularity. This impressive ram will make his way to Northern Ireland to join Michael Pattons Tullybane flock.

2000gns was the next highest price and achieved by another ram lamb, this time from Austyn Chapman & Nikki Wadkins from North Yorkshire. This Eppleby lamb came from a much admired pen of lambs and is sired by the AI sire Chaddlehanger King Eric and is out of a Graylen ewe and heads to Brecon for Mr K Phillips.

The Chapman & Wadkins team had a cracking day gaining Overall Champion and realising the top price for females of 1200gns with a very sweet ewe lamb. Judge Martin Sivill of the Glanrafon Flock said she caught his eye from the moment she entered the ring and was as good when handled too. This lamb was again sired by Chaddlehanger King Eric, this time was out of a Lecropt bred ewe and will make her way back to Yorkshire for I & S Clough.

1000gns was the top price shearling ram and this went to Sophie Manners & Joe Dilibero from the Seawell Flock in Towcester who had a good run of sheep for their first Premier Sale. This ram is sired by Ballycreelly 007 and is out of a Yarcombe bred ewe and has some good figures too. This striking ram sold to Donald & Anne Henderson for their Maranatha Flock in the Highlands of Scotland.

The semen sales topped at 30gns a straw for Court General from Janet & Brian Hill and sold to Kevin McCarthy.

We are very grateful to Neogen for their sponsorship and the Team at Halls Auctioneers for all their help.

Other Leading Prices

1600gns Graylen Ram Lamb

1400gns Graylen Ram Lamb

1350gns Lecropt Ram Lamb

1200gns Thornfalcon Ram Lamb

1200gns Yarcombe Ram Lamb

1200gns St-Paul Ram Lamb

1200gns Graylen Ram Lamb

1000gns Lecropt Ram Lamb

1000gns Yarcombe Ram Lamb

Auctioneers – HALLS


29 Ram Lambs £955.50 (2022 – £936.05)

7 Shearling Rams £660 (2022 – £520.50)

18 Shearling Ewes £519.35 (2022 – £486.15)

19 Ewe Lambs £554.84 (2022 – £479.72)

Overall Champion & Female Champion – Lot 101 Ewe Lamb from Chapmans & Wadkins EPPLEBY

Reserve Overall Champion & Male Champion – Lot 23 Trimmed Ram Lamb from J Heywood & Sons THORNFALCON

Reserve Female Champion – Lot 99 Ewe Lamb from Chapman & Wadkins EPPLEBY

Reserve Male Champion – Lot 47 Untrimmed Ram Lamb from HC Derryman & Sons YARCOMBE

Trimmed Ram Lamb

1st lot 23 J Heywood & Sons THORNFALCON

2nd lot 40 Kevin McCarthy CREELLY

3rd lot 51 D&D Middleditch & Son ST-PAUL

4th lot 17 G & J Galbraith GRAYLEN

5th lot 41 Kevin McCarthy CREELLY


Untrimmed Ram Lamb

1st lot 47 HC Derryman & Sons YARCOMBE

2nd lot 6 J&J Birkwood THORBECK

3rd lot 13 RJ Cole CHADDLEHANGER

4th lot 54 John Harrison CROFTHEADS

5th lot 46 RA Rundle TREWORTHAL


Recorded Ram Lamb

1st lot 15 G&J Galbraith GRAYLEN

2nd lot 24 J Heywood & Sons THORNFALCON

3rd lot 16 G&J Galbraith GRAYLEN

4th lot 7 J&J Birkwood THORBECK

5th lot 21 E,B&S Jones MAES-GLAS


Shearling Ram

1st lot 59 Manners & Dilibero SEAWELL

2nd lot 62 Manners & Dilibero SEAWELL

3rd lot 69 D&D Middleditch & Son ST-PAUL

4th lot 61 Manners & Dilibero SEAWELL

5th lot 68 D&D Middleditch & Son ST-PAUL


Shearling Ewe

1st lot 94 A,E&A Jones MORLEY

2nd lot 88 E,B&S Jones MAES-GLAS

3rd lot 95 Amanda Clements WOMACK

4th lot 87 Alison James CASTLEPILL

5th lot 82 David & Viv Miles ROTHERVALEY


Ewe Lamb

1st lot 101 Chapman & Wadkins EPPLEBY

2nd lot 99 Chapman & Wadkins EPPLEBY

3rd lot 102 Chapman & Wadkins EPPLEBY

4th lot 111 T&J Hunter LINDSEY

5th lot 5 K&A McCarthy BALLYCREELLY



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