Hampshire Down rams are renowned for producing fast finishing lambs from grass based systems. Using this native sire you can be assured that their lambs will survive and thrive in extremes of climate.

Fat content has been significantly reduced over the last few years with careful breed selection, without compromising on growth, muscle and conformation. With minimal inputs and easy to lamb, hamp cross lambs are ideal as a contribution to improving your enterprise cash flow.

A number of breeders have commercial rams for sale this autumn. Please find all flocks listed below.

The Aspley Flock – Warwickshire

The Raburn Flock – Northumberland

The Lumb Flock – North Yorkshire


The Bowerland Flock – Surrey


The Graylen Flock – Cumbria

Brant a

The Normanby Flock – Lincolnshire

Clarendon 1

The Clarendon Flock – Wiltshire

Swinbrook 1

The Swinbrook Flock – Somerset