HDBSA Show Rules

All sheep, shearling and older should be shorn bare after the 1st April but before exhibiting for the first time in the season

Trimming is optional.

Untrimmed classes: only head to be trimmed & base of tail squared ~ no carding.

No artificial colouring of face or ears.

Only birth notified males, and females that have been both birth notified and registered may be shown (exhibited by registered flock owner).

Sheep must be owned by the exhibitor. Sheep exhibited by any other than the breeder must have had the transfer of ownership registered with HDSBA by the date of the close of entries for that class.

Sheep entered in singles classes cannot be entered in a pairs class (and vice versa) at the same show (except if shows are run under their own rules which allow such) or in specific performance ram lamb classes.

Only sheep already entered in other classes can be exhibited in the group class.

Sheep to be sound, of good breed type & conformation. Correct teeth, legs & pasterns are most important.

Exhibitors are not permitted to enter an animal in any class which is to be judged by a person who has bred (animal born and tagged on his/her holding) or has a financial interest in the animal. The onus on complying with this regulation rests entirely with the exhibitor

Shows may stipulate whether the show is run under HDSBA rules unless amended to the contrary, and when specified in the individual show schedules, then those individual show rules take precedence over these. Show society rules & bye laws must be observed.